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Ltd. Edition Smokey Backpack

#01150_BANDIT - Item is available.

USD$ 100.00



Limited edition Banjo Brothers 01150 Waterproof Backpack with gold embroidered homage to Smokey & The Bandit. With apologies to Stevil at AHTBM, the Brothers Banjo had these bags made up for dealer giveaways at Frostbike 2017 as a part of our ongoing show extravaganza where we do our best to make asses out of ourselves. 1500 cubic inches. Totally waterproof. There are 5 left on the planet and one can be yours. Special $4.00 shipping for all US Domestic orders.

Optional Accessories

Ltd. Edition Snowman Cap
Ltd. Edition Snowman Cap

USD$ 15.00

This item is discontinued. We will attempt to find one.

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